Company and history

For 90 years, MGA Zapf Creation GmbH stands for quality and know-how in the toy industry.

Since 1932, the name Zapf has represented creative play concepts and high-quality dolls that encourage the timeless parent and child role play and teach children valuable social skills and empathy. Zapf has enjoyed a great deal of success in its 90-year history. Arguably the best-known international success was the birth of the interactive play doll BABY born, which has constantly reinvented itself over the last 30 years and is sold worldwide. 


MGA Entertainment Inc. merges with Zapf Creation AG
Zapf Creation AG is transformed into MGA Zapf Creation GmbH
90 years of Zapf Creation
We have been making children’s dreams come true for 90 years.
30 years of BABY born
Playing with dolls full of imagination in colourful worlds for 30 years.
20 years of Baby Annabell
The electronic functional doll celebrates her 20th birthday.
Goodbye to the stock exchange
Zapf Creation AG is delisted from the Baden-Württembergische stock exchange. The last day of trading is 4th October 2018.
25 years of BABY born
The most successful play concept on the doll market turns 25.
BABY born Germany’s number one doll
Since 2014, BABY born has been number one on the German doll market and consistently among the top ten toys (source: npdgroup, Germany).
Zapf Creation AG and MGA Entertainment, Inc.
Zapf Creation AG enters into a cooperation with the American toy company MGA Entertainment, Inc.
Baby Annabell the UK’s number one doll
Baby Annabell is the best-selling girls’ toy in the United Kingdom every year from 2001 to 2007 (source: NPD Eurotoys Ltd).
Stock market floatation
Zapf Creation AG floats on the German Stock Exchange on 26th April 1999.
Baby Annabell launch
The electronic functional doll Baby Annabell enters the market. Over the next few years, it develops into a best-seller, especially in the UK.
Zapf Creation leading manufacturer
BABY born becomes the best-selling traditional toy in Germany. Zapf Creation’s position as Europe’s leading manufacturer of play and functional dolls is confirmed.
Purchase by TA Spiel- und Freizeit Holding GmbH
TA Spiel- und Freizeit Holding Gmbh, a member of the Triumph Adler Group, purchases Zapf Puppen- und Spielwaren GmbH.
BABY born launch
Max Zapf Puppen- und Spielwarenfabrik GmbH launches BABY born on the market. It is the first doll with realistic functions. The play concept develops into the most successful on the doll market.
Plastic not celluloid
Max Zapf Puppen- und Spielwarenfabrik GmbH switches doll production from celluloid to plastic and continues to expand its market position.
The second generation ushers in internationalisation. Brigitte and Willi Zapf expand activities on the international doll market.
Rosa and Max Zapf found a toy factory in Rödental, Upper Franconia, and begin doll production.