Cheeky cartoon-style baby dolls

The 30cm CHOU CHOUs are quite the little rascals. The daring sparkle in their big wide eyes is infectious. One look and fun is guaranteed.
The little friends with their bright facial expressions can move their eyes, which looks so funny when they do so while bouncing on your knee. Their flexible limbs mean the little ones are also capable of sitting nicely and standing on their own. They audibly suck on their bottle or dummy and love being rocked to sleep. All functions are accompanied by realistic baby noises or cute sounds that sound like a cartoon.

CHOU CHOU - these are Baby Luca, Baby Mika and Baby Robin

Baby Robin Limited Edition
Artikelnummer 905586

This little doll simply cannot sit still. Her eyes move excitedly and she can’t wait to be bounced on somebody’s knee again. So let’s go... Who could resist those adorable wide eyes?
After all the fun of bouncing around, the 30cm doll audibly suck on her bottle or dummy. Playing around like that not only makes her thirsty but tired, too. When the little one is rocked to sleep, she shows how relaxed she is by yawning and making sleepy noises.


Baby Luca Limited Edition 
Artikelnummer 905562

“Hey, I saw you rolling your eyes at me!” The cheeky little monkey likes to roll his eyes – especially if he’s unhappy about something. Usually the 30cm doll is happy and likes to giggle, for example when being thrown up in the air and caught again.

Baby Mika Limited Edition 
Artikelnummer 905579

After playing, the little one is content but exhausted. When he is gently rocked to sleep, he yawns and then falls asleep, making relaxed sleeping noises. The cool hat doubles as a sleeping mask. He brings along a bottle and dummy, which he likes to suck on audibly.