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BABY born® Interactive Bathtub with Foam

Splashing, squirting and cutting heaps of's bathtime! So much for children don't like to bathe. It's almost impossible to get BABY born® out of her new bathtub. There are two pump buttons on the utensils board. One of them provides the shower head with water and the other creates wonderful heaps of foam. The light function at the bottom of the tub makes the foam shine in all different colours. A small rubber ducky keeps her company during bath time. The bath-time-fun sounds are so jolly that it's almost impossible to persuade BABY born® to come out of the tub.

• High-quality accessories for the BABY born® branded doll
• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play
• Requires batteries (included)

BABY born® Interactive Bathtub with foam function, shower head, light and sound effects and rubber ducky.

+3 43cm