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BABY born®

Baby, playmate and best friend. Only with BABY born®.

Playing with BABY born® has never been more fun, as she can do virtually anything.

The unique doll with nine lifelike functions that can be played without batteries and an imaginative play world that encourages and promotes parents-child role play in a particularly realistic way.

The BABY born® play concept grows with the child. No limits are set in terms of imagination. Sometimes BABY born® is a little baby that needs loving care and sometimes she is a companion and best friend that follows the child wherever it goes. For this purpose, there are imaginative theme worlds.

More than 22 million BABY born® dolls have been sold all over the world since their introduction to the market in 1991. This makes BABY born® Zapf Creation's most successful brand of play concepts, which is continually further developed and expanded with new, carefully designed accessories.