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Toy Safety


As a leading manufacturer of play and functional dolls, Zapf Creation AG regards the safety and quality of its products as a top priority.

“Voluntary commitment is important, but testing safety standards is better”

As the safety of your children is very important to us, our brand’s high-quality play concepts (BABY born®,  Baby Annabell®, CHOU CHOU, My Model, Jolina,  Sam & Sally and Mooshka including accessories) are subject to ongoing comprehensive quality and safety testing processes, both internally and externally. The company’s own quality and safety specifications often significantly exceed legal requirements.

How do we ensure the quality of our products?
Like many other toy manufacturers, Zapf Creation AG produces its high quality branded play concepts in the Far East. This long-standing collaboration with select suppliers is based on standardised quality and safety requirements.

What is tested and how?
A lengthy process takes place before the Zapf Creation product reaches your child. Even before production, numerous test phases are carried out. During the development stage, technical and physical properties are tested in our own laboratories and then again by authorised test centres just before production begins.
The analysis for electrical safety, electro-magnetic compatibility and health standards (chemical, micro-biological and hygiene tests) are carried out exclusively by highly qualified experts from independent accredited testing institutes (i.e. recognised by the state). This ensures that your child can play in safety.
Strict monitoring processes are in force to ensure that the products meet the company’s own specifications and any legal standards and requirements. Quality control inspectors regularly inspect incoming goods for raw materials, packaging, storage and shipping of the products in addition to the production process as a whole.

In short
All items produced by Zapf Creation AG are tested by accredited test centres to ensure that they conform with all legal standards as well as being checked to ensure that they meet the customer and company’s own requirements before being sold on the market.
Zapf Creation AG holds the relevant certificates and test reports for every product. When purchasing a Zapf Creation AG product, you can be sure that it will comply in full with the requirements stipulated by European safety standard EN 71 for toys as well as any additional legal requirements.