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BABY born® First Love 30 cm

"BABY born® First Love, the little love for the littlest ones. The cuddly 30 cm doll with soft stuffed body, soft romper and extremely light head can even be placed in the cradle or cot for infants. Babies can examine the triangle pattern on the hat and the duck on the romper in detail.
The rattle inside BABY born® First Love encourages the baby to explore, and is soothing, too.
It is no problem if the baby chews on an arm or leg or licks the face occasionally – the doll can be hand washed at 30°.

• BABY born® First Love branded doll
• For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to parent-child role play
• The doll's body and limbs are made from fabric with soft and cuddly stuffing
• Suitable for babies from birth

BABY born® First Love 30 cm

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