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Helpful Tips


Here you will find tips and suggestions that may help you make the time you spend with your child more exciting and beneficial.

For this purpose, we regularly add new parts from ClubKiste, the magazine for BABY born® fans. Do you want more information on the BABY born® Club? Click here for our information flyer.

The BABY born® Club is currently available in German only.

For Easter

The Easter breakfast is an important morning for each family to cherish together. Of course, a festive table calls for that home-made touch. Assemble your family members for an arts and crafts session and create Origami chickens for the table, making Easter morning even more memorable.

This pdf is currently available in German only.


Hush, little baby.

One of the most important rituals in any family is tucking in the children at night. Quite often, this has an impact on the quality of your child's sleep. The tradition of reading a nice bedtime story gives your child the chance to fall asleep with pleasant thoughts and have sweet dreams. For this occasion, you can download the newest story of BABY born® and her friends here.

This pdf is currently available in German only.