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Dear Parents, 

Everyone wishes only the best for their child's future and therefore wants to give him or her a beneficial start into life as early as possible.

On the following pages, we have compiled learning suggestions, tips and other recommendations so that you can support your child's development as best as possible.

Demand high standards!
Children learn to prepare themselves for life when playing. It is therefore important to select the right toys from the very beginning. Convincing quality, highest demands on safety, entertaining designs and an educative play value are the sophisticated basis of the high-quality branded products of Zapf Creation.

In the land of unlimited play options

By means of an intensive involvement in the realistic play worlds of Zapf Creation, your child will learn important social abilities such as nurturing, love and taking on responsibility for others. Emulating real life situations in role-play encourages your child's imagination and not only lets him or her adjust to altered situations with ease but enables your child to prepare for life playfully. 

Siblings are an important topic for us, which is why we introduced the little siblings courses. We are glad about the great feedback we received on our courses.

We are convinced that no playing concept can substitute the time shared between parents and children. Our products are designed to promote your child's imagination. In order to make use of family time in a creative way, visit this page for regular new suggestions. 

We hope that you will have a lot of fun together discovering and trying out the ideas on the following page. 

Your Zapf Creation Team